Build Your Dream Van with our friends at VanDoIT!

So you love the vans. We get it! They are awesome. What’s even more awesome is that we can help you spec your very own VanDOit adventure van from start to finish. Our friends up in Blue Springs, MO put their heart and soul into these rigs. They are awesome daily drivers, work vehicles, AND adventure vans! So you won’t be storing it for 6 months out of the year and it will always be ready to get up and go on your next adventure. 

Since we own a couple of these things, we have great insight into the must have accessories, customizations, and the entire build process. So if you are interested in getting a VanDOit of your own, just fill out one of the form below and a Vandoit van guru will get in touch with you ASAP. 

It’s a pretty wide range of pricing, but these things start around $49k for a complete rig and if you want the fully decked, high roof, 4×4 version, you are getting close to $109k. 

For reference, GRIT is a DO model and GRIND is a LIV model